Process of customizing t shirt

What is the process of customizing a T-shirt and how can you customize a fashionable T-shirt that you also feel satisfied with?

The first step is to choose the fabric.
Although cultural shirts are simple, but there are many fabric specifications, we commonly have pure cotton, high-count cotton, polyester cotton, Lycra cotton, combed cotton, etc. It is important to choose the right fabric, because the texture and quality of the fabric will affect our wearing experience and give us a completely different feeling.


This very soft, stretchy microfibre fabric ensures a perfect fit and freedom of movement. It is breathable and has very high moisture wicking properties. The antibacterial function of the material provides excellent hygiene qualities.

Microfibre fabric with slightly roughened inner layer. The high level of breathability guarantees a very high level of comfort.

Heatup is the optimal fabric for the handball goalkeeper and is made from high-quality polyester fibres. The fabric is brushed on the inside and is especially soft. The excellent breathability keeps the skin dry. At the same time, you feel pleasantly warm. 100% polyester (200 g/m²)

Elastic and soft polyester fabric that meets the highest standards in comfort. Sweat can escape without any problems and high breathability ensures well-being. Thanks to its special knitted style, the fabric is very tear-resistant and is therefore particularly suitable for figure-hugging indoor sports. 100% polyester (130 g/m²)

Brushed fabric inside, particularly soft and elastic. Thanks to its excellent breathability, your skin remains dry and pleasantly warm even at wintry temperatures.

Very lightweight fabric that guarantees optimal breathability. The high elasticity makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

It guarantees exceptional quality for long-lasting sporting use. The pleasant material has a smooth finish and promotes well-being. As the material has a flexible stretch finish and is impressive in shape, it is particularly suitable for the production of football clothing. 100% polyester (135 g/m²)

As a cultural shirt, it is important to choose what kind of customization process. Different printing processes have their own advantages and disadvantages, so we should choose the right process, customize a higher quality print, and choose the right style according to our needs.

Then it’s time to start defining the design.

Some companies print a simple company logo and some related creative elements, the design is relatively simple. There are also some send dead pursuit of creativity, will have more ideas, want to design more fashionable and interesting content, which will have higher requirements for the design, choose T shirt customization has a professional designer can design more interesting and innovative patterns, to give people a brighter look.

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