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How to Celebrate your Christmas 2021?

Decorating for Christmas

Put up a Christmas tree and decorate it. You can choose between a live tree or an artificial one. Then, string lights

 on the tree by moving from the bottom up, wrapping the lights around each branch. Add garlands to the tree, such as

 ones made of tinsel, popcorn, or cranberries, by wrapping them around and around the tree. Put your favorite

 ornaments on the tree, such as Christmas balls, stars, or really any small trinket. To finish the tree, place a tree

 topper at the tip, such as an angel or star.

Our is as per below . How about yours  ?  

And if for your family , we suggest decorate in this way  !!

Hang stockings over the mantle.

Traditionally, kids would hang their actual socks (stockings) over the mantle and St. Nickolas would fill them with coins, foods,

 or other small trinkets. Now, stockings tend to be decorative, but you still hang them over the mantle for Santa to leave toys

 and other small gifts in. If you don’t have a mantle, hang them off of your television console, on a stair railing, or anywhere that’s near your Christmas tree.

Brighten your home with Christmas lights.Then same meaning brighten your life !

Try lining the roof of your house with lights or threading them through bushes or around your trees. Hang them up around your

 porch or make a boundary around your yard. Inside, try hanging them on the mantle, across bookshelves, or along the length of a

 wall near the ceiling.

The most important step: put on a Christmas costume! Unifrom plays biggest roole during Christ holiday  !!!

No matter where your loved ones are, you can spread holiday cheer by mailing Christmas shirts. After all, everyone loves receiving surprise packages—especially when they’re filled with custom shirts.

Therefore, wearing beautiful Christmas costumes can make your family more Christmas atmosphere!

So to conclude . Anything we prepare and do is for happiness during holiday .Wish you a great Christmas and Coming new year holiday  . We expect to hear from your need on teamwear ordering during  2022 season  !! Thanks.  

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