Notes on Sweatshirts

In the ready-to-wear clothing customization, sweatshirt customization would belong to the explosion of the fall and winter season. The superb universality makes many groups and enterprises also prefer sweatshirts when they customize group clothing. In everyone’s impression sweatshirt are belong to wear thicker, not suitable for sports clothes, in fact, there are also thin sweatshirt can choose, loose thin sweatshirt is also very suitable for sports wear, wear the effect is also very good. The next T-society custom editor will introduce you to some

Sweatshirt customization – fabric

To look good and comfortable to wear, the most inseparable thing is the fabric of the undershirt, the German spectrum family selection of high-quality fabrics, 50% cotton + 50% polyester pre-shrunk brushed fabric quality natural good cotton, fleece design, thick and warm, airflow spinning yarn. Thick enough to be warm enough to be soft, so that the warmth and you zero distance.

Sweatshirt customization – pattern

Let’s talk about the pattern of the sweatshirt, the pattern you like printed on the sweatshirt, can to a certain extent reflect their own unique style of dressing, there is more is the embodiment of personalization, customization in more is the transmission of their own emotions, their mood and emotions reflected in the clothing, infecting everyone around them.

Sweatshirt customization – printing process

Customized sweatshirts need to do their own in addition to the choice of fabrics and patterns, there is the printing process, the number of customization and size, the printing process to highlight, to test, we take a small notebook to quickly write down, generally common printing process has digital direct spray, and embroidery, etc., silk screen printing is the most common printing process, but also the lower cost, suitable for a single pattern mass printing; digital direct spray printing is the last two years through the innovation of high-end technology, printing effect is very good, the price cost is higher than the silk screen; embroidery is more exquisite. Technology for innovation of high-end technology, printing effect is very good, the price cost is higher than the screen printing; embroidery is more exquisite.

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