Melbourne, Australia – Step into the AFL world

What is AFL?

The AFL, the most competitive organizer of Australian Rules Football, is the Australian Football League,

a national sports organization. The AFL’s annual Grand Final, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in

September, is by far the most attended sporting event in Australia at club level championship level.

AFL competition structure?

The highest level of Australian Rules football is the annual AFL Premiership. Unlike the Football League, the AFL Premier League has no separate league and cup awards. The top team is called the “minor premier” and is awarded the McClelland Trophy (actually a consolation prize); The team at the bottom of the table is given a wooden spoon. However, finishing first in the league table does not necessarily mean winning the championship, the top eight teams will advance to the final round, and the top four will have an equal chance of reaching the finals.

Are there any other alliances in Australia?

In addition to the AFL, Australia also has seven state leagues:

the Victorian Football League( VFL); North East Australian Football League, simply covers New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and the Northern Territory four states), Queensland Australian Football League(QAFL); Tasmanian Football League(TFL);

The South Australian National Football League (SANFL), the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) and the Western Australian Football League (WAFL). Most leagues hold semi-professional leagues and cooperate with other leagues to organize competitions, but there are also local semi-professional or amateur competitions.

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