Inclusion is about creating a new system safe and welcome

Twin Cities Queer Hockey Association (TCQHA) is an inclusive space for all LGBTQIA people! It has transformed over the years of having a summer league called Phoenix Summer Ice.

TCQHA was born from attending a Team Trans Friendship Series in Madison, WI. Where 45 Trans skaters played against other Queer folks and allies. While having conversations around the magic of having Queer hockey, TCQHA formed in the Twin Cities as the current hockey space did not exist for Queer folks. They realized that it’s time for EVERYONE to have a SAFE and Inclusive space to skate. It’s time to change the culture of hockey for all.

“Inclusion is not about making room in your existing system for marginalized people. Inclusion is about creating a new system where everyone feels safe and welcome. ~unknown”

Goal at TCQHA is to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone to have fun and play hockey.“We are excited to bring back Queer hockey to the Twin Cities and hope that we grow large enough to have a full league where we get to exist as we are and play some competitive and fun hockey. ” TCQHA director said.

We Doosansportswear are also very proud of our hockey uniforms and socks for the TCQHA.

Also, Doosan Sports is a very inclusive company and we hope to have more opportunities to create unique uniforms for all types of groups!

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