How We (Doosansports) improve to be a competitive teamwear supplier

To have a deeper knowing about our company corners and  our teams to offer quality sublimation sports uniform for your ordering .We would like to share our companys  details to you .

Office area:  

The first thing that foreign trade colleagues do when they come to their desks in the morning is to respond to customers’ emails in a timely manner, and at the same time, open up customers in their spare time.   Colleagues in the design department are revising the design draft according to the customer’s requirements.

Cultural wall:

“ Live and learn. Life can teach you a lot of lessons.”  During the noon break, foreign trade colleagues, in order to improve their professional skills, go to the cultural wall to read relevant foreign trade knowledge, and master the skilled knowledge in order to better communicate with our customers.

Tea bar :

The company is equipped with a tea bar, which is convenient for colleagues to relax during their intense work. In addition, the company provides free coffee, tea and other drinks. Humanized configuration relieves our stress at work.

Lobby :

When the time came to 1:30 pm, colleagues began to return to their posts after a short lunch break.

Conference room:

New employees are being trained by their trainer.

After receiving the order, our employees will perform printing, cut fabric, sublimation printing, sew, QC checking, packing, shipping and other steps in the workshop.

 Our team   :

Teamwork is the foundation of success, we believe that relying on the strength of our team will make us a satisfactory supplier to you.

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