How to solve the hardness of the sweatshirt

Now many young people like to wear sweatshirts, indeed, sweatshirts are really versatile and casual style, and the design of many sweatshirts is very trendy, it is simply a must-have style for hipsters. There are also some young people who will design their own sweatshirt pattern in order to show their personality, and then find a manufacturer to customize the sweatshirt, so that they can have a piece of clothing that belongs to them. However, some people will find that the custom sweatshirt will become less soft and comfortable after more washing, and the fabric will become hard, so they think it is the quality of the custom sweatshirt, but in fact, many clothes may appear to become hard after more washing. The next Our company Shenzhen Doosansports Co.,Ltd editor will answer why custom sweatshirts become hard after washing too much and what to do when custom sweatshirts become hard.

Why do custom sweatshirts become hard after washing too much?

There are generally two reasons why custom sweatshirts become hard after washing too much, one is the water quality and the other is the detergent problem. In the south, the water quality of tap water is relatively hard, and the water contains more minerals, so when we wash and dry the clothes, some minerals will remain on the clothes, which may cause the clothes to become hard when accumulated in the long run. The detergent we use when cleaning clothes is also more important, if the laundry detergent, laundry detergent containing phosphorus is relatively high, it is also easy to cause the clothes to harden after drying. In addition, there is direct sun exposure may lead to our clothes after the sun hardened Oh ~.

What should I do if my custom sweater becomes hard?

First of all, custom sweatshirts become hard we can choose to buy some clothing softener, the softener and water in proportion to the deployment, the sweatshirt in the water soak for a while, and then wash and dry can be.

The second method is to mix edible white vinegar with water, the amount of water and white vinegar solution depends on the amount of clothes, then, put the washed clothes into it, soak for a while, take out the clothes and wring them out and hang them in the ventilation. After drying the clothes vinegar smell will automatically evaporate, will not leave vinegar smell.

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