How to choose customized clothing fabrics, and how to distinguish the quality of fabrics?

The custom-made fabrics play an extraordinary role in the quality of the garments, and the custom-made fabrics will directly affect the style and characteristics of the garments. So how should the custom-made fabrics be selected, what are the criteria for judging the custom-made fabrics, and is there any simple way to distinguish the quality of the custom-made fabrics?

First, the textile method of clothing custom fabrics

Generally speaking, the fabrics for clothing customization are woven fabrics. The texture of woven fabrics is mainly plain weave or twill weave. The texture and feel of this weaving method are very good. In addition to the weaving method of weaving, there is also a knitting method, which is mainly used on clothes such as sweaters.

Second, the texture of clothing custom fabrics

Each different fabric has its own special structure, and each different structure will have its own unique texture. Texture is the feeling we feel when we contact the material. For example, we can feel the fabric by touching it with our hands. A smooth surface can also be felt by visual observation of its smooth and glossy texture. These are all very important criteria for custom fabrics.

Third,The weight of custom-made clothing fabrics

The importance of custom-made fabrics generally refers to G/M. The weight of the fabric is closely related to the type of customization. For example, outerwear, jackets, etc. use heavier fabrics, while T-shirts and polo shirts use lighter fabrics. , In addition, the fabric is also closely related to the season. Basically, heavier fabrics are used in autumn and winter, and lighter fabrics are basically used in spring and summer.

Fourth, the durability of clothing custom fabrics

The durability of clothing customization fabrics is also a very important issue. Durability refers to whether the clothing is durable. Clothing customization is not a one-time economic activity, but needs to play an important role in the subsequent activities. This requires clothing custom fabrics also need good wear resistance.

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