customize sweatshirt process

Although it is still summer, but want to customize sweatshirt partners can also put this matter on the agenda! After all, sometimes the weather is like the human heart, it changes as soon as it says, so maybe one day an autumn rain will turn cold! And custom products also need time to customize, so whether it is a personal custom sweatshirt or corporate custom sweatshirt can start customizing in advance Oh ~ Next Our company Shenzhen Doosansports Co.

Customized styles of fall and winter sweatshirts

Different users will choose the style that suits them. Generally speaking, it is necessary to determine the style of the sweatshirt before customizing it, and the style will also be adjusted appropriately according to the temperature of different seasons. In winter padded sweatshirts are one of the most popular styles, and padded sweatshirts can also be divided into those with hats and those with zippers. With zipper can increase the use of the sweatshirt scene, once we feel a little hot when you can pull the zipper open. The sweatshirt with a hat is not used much for the actual use of the scene, but the hat can make the sweatshirt in the overall top less monotonous, more fashion. So for the pursuit of fashion and trend of young people, with a hooded sweatshirt more passionate and creative.

In the spring and autumn season, the temperature is relatively mild, when you can choose a thin sweater, the style can also be divided into with a cap and with a zipper, the specific difference can refer to the above padded sweater. In addition, there are also basic models, which can be distinguished according to the actual use.

Autumn and winter sweatshirt customization price

The price of custom sweatshirts, price is one of our most concerned points, after all, the budget is there. The price of custom sweatshirts mainly consists of the cost of the base shirt and the cost of printing, so we need to consider the price of the base shirt in addition to the cost of printing when we choose to customize sweatshirts.

Fall and winter sweatshirt custom printing

There is a wide range of printing processes for customizing fall and winter sweatshirts, among which screen printing and hot stamping are the most popular, glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent are also popular among young people, while pearlescent, flocking and suede foam are more suitable for people who like low-key and simple styles. We need to combine our own printing patterns when customizing sweatshirts, and then consider which specific process to use, so that we can customize the desired effect.

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