China 2023 National Junior Roller Skating(inline skating)Championship

A warrior with a golden sword and an iron horse,capable of swallowing up thousands of miles like a tiger in the mountains!

The Shanghai blue whale Roller Skating Team (blue whale·SH),whose uniforms are sponsored by Doosansports(ShenZhen)Co.,Ltd concluded the 2023 National Junior Roller Skating(inline skating)Championship held in Haining,Zhejiang Province,China,from Nov 24 to 26.

This is a national youth competition,with 51 teams and more than 600 athletes from all over China participating.

The shanghai Blue Whale roller skating team from U10(Group B)and U8(Group C)a total of 18 young players,wearing blue,orange two sets of home and away uniforms outbound.Through three days of group stage,cross stage and final,the team cooperated and worked hard to win the national third in Group C and the national seventh in Group B.Among them,the youngest is 7 years old,the oldest is 10 years old.

On the field,the children wearing brand new team uniforms are confident and dazzling.During the confrontation,be calm, overcome obstacles,enjoy the game, and be high-spirited.In the stands,parents raised the team flag and issued bursts of shouts and cheers.

Competitive sports are sometimes ahead,sometimes behind.When you win the victory,be agitated with blood,when you are in despair,do not give up and do not abandon,reverse the impasse,and it is more moving.

After the competition,the parents of young athlete said:”The children participate,no matter what ranking is a valuable experience of growth,lost we continue to work hard,win not arrogant,is the biggest harvest.”

The blue whale·SH is affiliated to the A1 Roller Skating Growth Center,a roller skating club established in 2003 that has been in existence for 20 years and has cultivated tens of thousands of roller skating enthusiasts and roller skating members.

The sports arena is also a competition of technology,such as competition uniforms,sports equipment,etc.,all serving competitive sports.Special thanks also go to Doosansports (ShenZhen) Co.,Ltd. for its trust and support of the blue whale·SH,which helps children leave a colorful figure in national competitions.

We enjoy the process with the children, sweat,grow and progress together.

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