2023 Rugby World Cup Jerseys

Are you ready for the 2023 Rugby World Cup?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that teams have begun releasing their new shirts for the biggest rugby tournament.

Ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, let’s take a look and see what makes each shirt unique from Doosan’s perspective!Meanwhile,welcome to customize your own jersey and support your team as a fan!


The hosts’ new jersey supplied by Le Coq Sportif is a slightly different colour than the ones France donned during the Autumn Nations Series last year and the 2023 Six Nations. The change in the blue shade is attributed to reflect the France flag, with the players also set to wear red socks and white shorts. They, too, have a white alternative kit with a blue outline.


The Wallabies have a permanent First Nations design component on their primary strip for the first time for a World Cup. There is also an upgrade to the Coat of Arms, while the 2023 ASICS Wallabies Alternate Jersey is a sleek white jersey.

New Zealand All Blacks

The All Blacks 2023 kit hasn’t been too well received, with the new silver fern design covering the jersey proving to be more of a miss than a hit. While most have bayed for the return of collars to rugby jerseys, adidas’ attempt to bring them back has made this look more like a golf or cricket shirt than a rugby one. The All Blacks will don an all-white jersey during the World Cup, too, potentially in the opener against France.


Portugal make their first Rugby World Cup appearance since 2007 and are doing so in style. Os Lobos’ jersey has symbols of their flag with their red home kit featuring a green V-neck which repeats on the sleeve cuffs. Their alternate shirt is white with a knitted V-neck in green with a red stripe. The sleeves, sides and back bottom change to a pale grey and the same graphic as the home shirt covers all surfaces, with the five shields represented in different colours.


Nike have delivered two excellent jerseys for the Rugby World Cup, and while Los Pumas’ home kit has stayed largely the same since the last tournament in Japan, it is still a winner with a tidy collar and the classic blue and white hoops. The alternate kit has a major change, as the dark blue jersey features a diagonal white stripe. The inspiration for the kit is the Granaderos, who, led by national hero Jose de San Martin, liberated the country from Spanish rule in the 1800s.


Macron have produced a light blue jersey for the Azzurri with a two-button polo shirt collar, a slim white line, and white sleeve cuffs.

The jersey also features what Macron describe as a ‘stylised design of the laurel wreath present in the FIR crest, produced in a tone-on-tone dye-sub print.’

The white and blue alternate kit follows the same design with the side set to don white shorts with the home kit and blue with the alternate.


Scotland’s new home shirt for the 2023 Rugby World Cup is navy blue with a white-trimmed neck and sleeves. It also features two thin stripes on the sleeve, one of which is in Scottish Rugby’s own tartan green.

There is a distinct tartan design down the sides of the jersey, which has identified Scottish Rugby since 1991 alongside Scottish navy blue with green and purple shades of the thistle, Scotland’s national flower.


Los Teros’ World Cup kit has plenty of fanfare with the sun, which appears on their flag, featuring prominently on the home and alternate strip. They are set to don their new sun-inspired yellow jersey in three of their four pool matches against France, Italy and Namibia. The only time we are likely to see Uruguay in their traditional blue is against New Zealand.


Fiji have officially released their Rugby World Cup jerseys after an earlier leak. Nike have supplied and designed the kit for the Pacific Islanders with a classic white and black home jersey and a red and black alternate. In a statement revealing the jersey, the design was described as an embodiment of “the spirit and heritage of Fiji’s revered rugby legacy”.


Ireland and Canterbury have officially released the kit after the sneak peek of the jersey was widely slammed. The reaction has been mostly the same for the official release, with fans criticising both the green and white jerseys. The kit has been made from 100% recycled polyester, with Canterbury stating that it is ‘the most technologically advanced jersey’ the supplier has ever produced.


Chile will make their Rugby World Cup debut after qualifying as Americas 2. Los Cóndores have been supplied by Umbro and they delivered a stunning kit displaying the colours of the country with pride.


The Red Rose and Umbro dropped a classic kit with a very simple and clean-looking primary kit. The alternate strip is navy and minimal in its own right. The kits are part of the ‘From England with love’ campaign for the World Cup, derived from the passion of English fans in the stand and at home.


Canterbury and Japan have released the new Brave Blossoms jersey for the World Cup, and a lot has stayed the same from the strip they wore at their home tournament four years ago. The Japanese will wear a blue alternate jersey with gold stripes going diagonally. In a unique twist to the jersey, it is manufactured through chemical recycling and the new jerseys are made from older jerseys donated by Japan fans.


Namibia have officially unveiled their World Cup kits with the Africans going for the traditional blue home jersey and an alternate white strip, which “displays boldness, Namibian flair and pride.”


The Macron-designed Wales Rugby World Cup kit has impressed fans with a home red jersey featuring a tidy white collar. The alternate jersey is black and yellow, with both kits featuring Saint David’s flag colours. The words of the national anthem are also printed on the jersey.


Women’s World Cup

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is the ninth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the quadrennial international women’s football championship contested by women’s national teams and organised by FIFA. The tournament, which is taking place from 20 July to 20 August 2023, is jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

It is the first FIFA Women’s World Cup with more than one host nation, as well as the first World Cup to be held across multiple confederations, as Australia is in the Asian confederation, while New Zealand is in the Oceanian confederation.

The Chadian and Pakistani football associations were suspended by FIFA, thus excluding them from entering qualifications.RwandaSudanDR Congo and São Tomé and Príncipe entered qualification but withdrew later.Kenya withdrew before the second round of qualifiers.

NorthKorea and Turkmenistan withdrew from the Women’s Asian Cup qualifiers due to safety concerns and travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.Iraq withdrew after the AFC draw.Due to the uncertainty of women’s sport after the Talibantakeover of the countryAfghanistan withdrew from qualification. Due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks in their squads, Women’s Asian Cup hosts India withdrew from qualification.American Samoa withdrew due to continuing difficulties related to the pandemic.Russia were disqualified from competing due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Melbourne, Australia – Step into the AFL world

What is AFL?

The AFL, the most competitive organizer of Australian Rules Football, is the Australian Football League,

a national sports organization. The AFL’s annual Grand Final, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in

September, is by far the most attended sporting event in Australia at club level championship level.

AFL competition structure?

The highest level of Australian Rules football is the annual AFL Premiership. Unlike the Football League, the AFL Premier League has no separate league and cup awards. The top team is called the “minor premier” and is awarded the McClelland Trophy (actually a consolation prize); The team at the bottom of the table is given a wooden spoon. However, finishing first in the league table does not necessarily mean winning the championship, the top eight teams will advance to the final round, and the top four will have an equal chance of reaching the finals.

Are there any other alliances in Australia?

In addition to the AFL, Australia also has seven state leagues:

the Victorian Football League( VFL); North East Australian Football League, simply covers New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and the Northern Territory four states), Queensland Australian Football League(QAFL); Tasmanian Football League(TFL);

The South Australian National Football League (SANFL), the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) and the Western Australian Football League (WAFL). Most leagues hold semi-professional leagues and cooperate with other leagues to organize competitions, but there are also local semi-professional or amateur competitions.

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Inclusion is about creating a new system safe and welcome

Twin Cities Queer Hockey Association (TCQHA) is an inclusive space for all LGBTQIA people! It has transformed over the years of having a summer league called Phoenix Summer Ice.

TCQHA was born from attending a Team Trans Friendship Series in Madison, WI. Where 45 Trans skaters played against other Queer folks and allies. While having conversations around the magic of having Queer hockey, TCQHA formed in the Twin Cities as the current hockey space did not exist for Queer folks. They realized that it’s time for EVERYONE to have a SAFE and Inclusive space to skate. It’s time to change the culture of hockey for all.

“Inclusion is not about making room in your existing system for marginalized people. Inclusion is about creating a new system where everyone feels safe and welcome. ~unknown”

Goal at TCQHA is to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone to have fun and play hockey.“We are excited to bring back Queer hockey to the Twin Cities and hope that we grow large enough to have a full league where we get to exist as we are and play some competitive and fun hockey. ” TCQHA director said.

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Great Honor — The US Partner Mr.Joe To Visit Doosansports

by doosansports

At the beginning of April, Mr.Joe, the American partner of Doosan, came a long way to discuss with us the cooperation project of customized sportswear for the next three quarters in 2023.

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While affirming each other, We also want to thank Mr.Joe for inviting Doosan people to visit in the United States in 2023. 

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The world’s five major leagues

To introduce you to the five best hockey leagues in the world today:

The vast majority of ice hockey enthusiasts, do you want to know about other ice hockey leagues in the world? If you want to learn something that others don’t know, don’t miss this issue of Doosansports Push!

There are many ice hockey leagues in the world that are as famous as NHL. As everyone knows, the ultimate stage for ice hockey players is the NHL, winning the Stanley Cup is the highest honor in ice hockey, and if you want to take a big step towards ice hockey, playing in North America is the best option. However, what you don’t know is that many countries in the world also have their own ice hockey leagues. So today, let’s talk about the five ice hockey leagues in the world that EZ helped you choose.

The Fifth

SM-Liiga – Finland’s top professional hockey league. It is also recognized as the second most influential hockey league in Europe. The popularity of ice hockey in Finland has soared like a rocket ride. And now Finnish ice hockey has reached the strongest level in the world. And Finland has been playing in the semi-finals of the U20 global competition a few years ago, which is impressive.

Since its establishment in 1972, SM-Liiga has been in the ascendant stage and continuously growing. The audience and supporters are also increasing. In particular, in the past decade, Finland has been continuously improving the level of its athletes, and many athletes already have the strength of NHL. The current SM-Liiga is made up of 14 teams, and the number of regular season games can reach 60. After the regular season, the top six teams automatically advance to the quarter finals. The remaining seventh to tenth places will enter the knockout stage, and only the top two can enter the quarter of the schedule.

The Fourth

Every year, a group of Czech athletes enter the NHL, and most of them have played briefly in Czech Extrliga. Currently, there are at least 50 Czech athletes in the NHL playing for different teams in the league. It can be clearly seen that Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic are also rare countries in the world with top talent.

The Third

Elitserien is from the Swedish ice hockey league – the Swedish Elite League, abbreviated as SEL (Swedish Elite League). The Swedish ice hockey elite league is composed of 12 teams, with a regular season of 55 games. Basically similar to the fourth and fifth ranked Czech Hockey League and Finnish Hockey League. It also takes the form of winning by three points, winning by two points in extra time, and accumulating a share of losses.

In the playoffs, the top eight teams were selected from 12 teams. However, unlike other leagues, it is also interesting to note that in the first round of the playoffs, the top three teams can choose their opponents from the last three. Sweden has so far cultivated many world-class shaft athletes, who also won the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2012 and the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The Second

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) of Russia is recognized as the second professional hockey league in the world. And KHL is also the best hockey league in Europe at present. Most of the league’s athletes come from Russia. Since the establishment of KHL in 2008, the league now has six districts and 24 teams. A total of 16 teams can enter the playoffs each year from the regular season. KHL’s resume model is very similar to NHL’s.

The final championship is known as the Gagarin Cup, and one of the most interesting things about KHL is its diversity. There are a total of 701 athletes from 14 countries in the 24 teams. So he is also the second best league in the world after the NHL league.

The First

Finally, it is time to introduce the first place, perhaps the most undisputed. This alliance was established in 1917. And no alliance can compete with it. How does it indicate his strength? Perhaps you can easily cite many arguments. First of all, almost all overseas professional hockey players will regard NHL as the most important stop in their career.

NHL can be said to be the most profitable channel, with the best media exposure, and can receive the ultimate and highest honor award in the world of ice hockey – the Stanley Cup. Winning her is the dream of all hockey players. Thirty-one teams form the current NHL. Larger and deeper than KHL. Although many people believe that NHL is an alliance with North America and cannot represent the world, the impact NHL has brought to people around the world and its enormous influence is beyond the reach of any other alliance.

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Do You Know How We Celebrate The Lantern Festival?

By Doosansports

The origin of Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is also called Shangyuan Festival originated from the “Torch Festival”, when people in the Han Dynasty held torches in rural fields to drive away insects and animals, hoping to reduce pests and pray for a good harvest. To this day, people in some areas of southwest China still make torches with reed wood or branches and dance in groups on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, holding the torches high. Since Sui, Tang and Song dynasties, it has flourished. Tens of thousands of people took part in the song and dance, and they partied from dawn until dark. With the changes of society and times, the customs of Lantern Festival have already changed greatly, but it is still a traditional Chinese folk festival, and the torches have gradually changed into colored lanterns.

Since the middle of the Tang Dynasty, Lantern Festival has developed into a national carnival. Therefore, Lantern Festival is the most thorough and typical traditional festival.

Lantern Festival Activities

Nowadays, Lantern Festival is still celebrated with a variety of fun activities.

Viewing Lantern displays

As its name suggests, the most important part of the Lantern Festival revolves around viewing and interacting with grand displays of Chinese lanterns.

When many people think of Chinese lanterns, they imagine the round, red, basket-ball sized lanterns they may have seen hanging outside Chinese restaurants.

While this type of lantern is certainly omnipresent around the time of Chinese New Year, the lanterns involved in Lantern Festival displays are quite different.

The lanterns used in modern Lantern Festival displays are often quite elaborate.

Instead of being basketball-sized, these lanterns are often enormous, with some of the larger ones measuring over 65 feet (20 meters) high and 330 (100 meters) long.

These giant lanterns aren’t usually round or red. Instead, they’re built into every imaginable color and shape, depicting real and imaginary animals like giraffes and dragons along with giant flowers, trees and palaces.

Groups of lanterns are often arranged together to illustrate famous scenes from various historical or mythological stories.

Lanterns used in lantern displays in the past were made of materials like paper, silk, bamboo, glass or jade and lit with candles from within. Today, the materials used have been updated.

Most are now made with fabric stretched over wire frames and lit with thousands of LED lights.

Kongming lanterns were often incorporated into Lantern Festival celebrations and flying them was a favorite activity for children and adults alike.

Kongming lanterns are beautiful but they also pose a fire hazard.

Guessing lantern riddles

Guessing lantern riddles is an activity that dates back at least as far as the Song Dynasty, when scholars wrote riddles on small slips of paper and hung them from lanterns for festival attendees to guess.

Most of these lantern riddles were simply created as a form of entertainment. Sometimes, however, imperial advisors used them to make suggestions to the emperor.

If the emperor didn’t like a suggestion, the advisors could claim that the riddle had been interpreted incorrectly, thus avoiding his wrath. This was possible because the riddles’ answers were rarely obvious and clear-cut, leaving them open to multiple interpretations.

Guessing lantern riddles is a popular Lantern Festival activity.

Today’s lantern riddles are still open to multiple interpretations and difficult to guess. So difficult, in fact, that they’re referred to as “lantern tigers” and guessing lantern riddles is sometimes referred to as “guessing lantern tigers” .

Generally, lantern riddles are based on complex forms of wordplay and may be difficult for even advanced students to understand.

Most riddles consist of the riddle itself and a hint that tells the guesser what form he or she should expect the answer to take.

For example, sometimes the hint might indicate that the answer is a Chinese idiom, the name of a country or that it should consist of only one Chinese character.

Eating tangyuan

Another popular Lantern Festival activity is eating tangyuan (also called yuanxiao).These balls of glutinous rice flour are generally loaded with sweet fillings made from ingredients like black sesame paste. Although most tangyuan are sweet, savory tangyuan do exist.

Most tangyuan are boiled, but they can also be fried and steamed. Usually served floating in a thin hot soup, they’re traditionally white in color.

In recent years, modern versions of tangyuan have also appeared. These come in a mix of bright colors like purple, pink and orange. Creative chefs have updated the fillings, sometimes using less-traditional ingredients like chocolate.

Although they were originally only consumed on festive occasions, nowadays frozen tangyuan can be found in supermarkets throughout the year and can be eaten anytime.

Tangyuan are a popular snack during the Lantern Festival.

The pronunciation of the word tangyuan is similar to that of the word tuanyuan (团圆 or tuányuán), which means “reunion” in Chinese. This, along with the fact that tangyuan are round and are served in round bowls, has led them to become a symbol of family togetherness.

There are some regional variations of this traditional dessert. In southern China, it’s called tangyuan, but in northern China, it’s called yuanxiao .

Though there are some slight differences in how tangyuan and yuanxiao are prepared and stored, the two are quite similar.

Watching dragon and lion dances

In some parts of China, dragon and lion dances are also performed during the Lantern Festival.

Lion dance is a type of folk dance typically performed by two dancers wearing a single lion suit. One performer controls the head and front part of the lion’s body, while the other controls the rear.

The performers dance and perform various acrobatic tricks to the beat of drums, gongs and cymbals.

Some lion dances are quite complex and may even include martial arts-inspired moves. In traditional Chinese culture, lions are considered to be powerful, auspicious animals, and lion dances are thought to bring good luck and financial prosperity.

Dragon dances are usually performed by a large team of dancers. Instead of getting inside a dragon costume, these performers manipulate a long, flexible model of a dragon using poles attached to its body.

Chinese dragons are thought to be powerful, benevolent creatures. Like lion dances, dragon dances are thought to bring good luck to the communities in which they’re performed.


Fireworks were invented in China, so it should come as no surprise that they’re still an integral part of many Chinese festivals.

Firework displays are popular during the Lantern Festival. In fact, it’s quite common to see and hear fireworks almost every day from the start of the Chinese New Year until the Lantern Festival, which marks the official end of the Spring Festival holiday.

Sometimes, fireworks displays are combined with other aspects of the Lantern Festival, such as dragon dancing, which can make for a truly spectacular performance.

Doosansports’ Lantern Festival celebration

February 5 to celebrate the Lantern Festival, Doosansports invited the lion dance team to the company green: two “lions” came to the lobby green, the lion is a representative of the auspicious beast, so since ancient times have been considered to bring good luck to people.Our company manager in the lion after the arrival of green, meaning to welcome wealth to accept blessings. I also wish all the friends who read this article good health in the Year of the Rabbit!

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Written on February 6, 2023.

various high quality lacrosse themed photos

Check out the best lacrosse leagues in the world!

By Doosansports

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)

The Premier Lacrosse League was founded in 2019 by professional player Paul Rabil and his brother in the hopes of increasing the visibility of the sport by attracting more partners and to therefore allow players to make a living from playing the sport. This inaugural season in the summer of 2019 was a huge success, by attracting most of the best players in the world and partnering up with Adidas and NBC sports group.

In contrast to most leagues, the PLL features 7 teams of 26-player rosters which are not bound to one specific city. All teams travel to a new location every week to play the games over the weekend. There is no schedule overlap with the NLL and the NCAA to ensure that all players could finish their NLL season or graduate from college and then go on to play the PLL season (an unusual but existing problem in professional Lacrosse). The PLL season usually starts in May and finishes in September with play-offs to determine the Champion.

The PLL team for the 2020 season
The co-founder of the PLL Paul Rabil in blue playing for the Atlas LC

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) – Indoor/Box Lacrosse

The National Lacrosse League was founded in 1986 and is comprised of 13 American and Canadian teamsdivided into three divisions (West, North and East). The league typically start in December and finishes with a play-offs in around April.

Interestingly, although 8 of the 13 teams are based in America, less than 7% of players are Americans. About 83% are Canadians and 10% are from Iroquois decent from either Canada or the USA (ref).

The teams and divisions of the 2019-2020 NLL season
Curtis Dickson with the Calgary Roughnecks attempting a dive shot in the NLL

Major Lacrosse League (MLL)

The Major Lacrosse League is a field Lacrosse competition in the USA and was founded in 2001. The league currently has 6 active programs which play form late May to late September and conclude the season with a four-team play-off system.

The MLL was the first league to allow a 2 point-arc 15m away from the goal. The League also attempted only allow 3 long pole players instead of the usual 4 for few years (from its inception to 2008) to promote scoring opportunities.

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Have You Ever Heard Of These Interesting Christmas Customs?

By Doosansports Team

The annual Christmas is coming again.

As one of the biggest festivals in the world.More than 160 countries around the world have a public holiday for Christmas.

We often say, ten miles different customs

Similarly, Christmas customs are not the same around the world!

Is Christmas only dress up the Christmas tree, hang the socks, Santa Claus?

After reading this article, you can’t help but say:

There was such a wonderful country, Have a creative Christmas that you will never think of!!!


Hang spider webs on the Christmas tree

What is usually decorated on Christmas trees? We would definitely say: treetop stars, colored lights, colored balls, snowflakes, bells… … But isn’t it strange that Ukrainians like to hang spider webs on their Christmas trees? In fact, it has something to do with a traditional local fairy tale.

In the story of a single mother and her child living in a suburban cabin, life is very miserable.

One day, a pine cone appeared in the doorway of the house. The child took good care of it, and finally, before Christmas, it grew into a big tree. But because they could not afford to decorate the tree, they left it standing naked in front of the door.

The spiders in the house saw the mother shed tears on Christmas Eve, so they made intricate webs on the trees as decorations. The next morning, the sun shone brightly on the webs of the trees. They were surprisingly beautiful.

The fairy tale became so popular in Ukraine that the custom of decorating Christmas trees with spider webs became a household tradition. Of course, these “spider webs” on the trees are no longer real spider webs


Eat KFC fried chicken

Christmas in Japan does not have much religious significance, and most people enjoy it as a lively holiday. It has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus or the Bible, and the people who go to Mass in church are almost all Christians.

The Japanese don’t eat Turkey at Christmas, they eat KFC instead.

KFC set up shop in Japan in the early 1970s. Due to various reasons, it was difficult to get Japanese people’s recognition. However, with the “American style” blowing in Japan in the 1970s, the foreign fast food fried chicken gradually began to be accepted.

At this time, a foreigner ran to KFC to buy fried chicken and said, “There is no Turkey in Japan, so we can only buy some fried chicken for Christmas.”

Inspired by this, the company began to launch Christmas packages in 1974, vigorously promoting “Christmas = KFC fried chicken.”

First came the slogan: “Of course you want to eat KFC at Christmas.” Later also said KFC grandpa Sanders on the principal like Santa Claus. In this way, many Japanese people gradually accept the saying!

The idea of Christmas = KFC is gradually fixed in Japanese society. It has to be said that this is a victory for Japanese advertising and marketing.

Inspired by this, the company began to launch Christmas packages in 1974, vigorously promoting “Christmas = KFC fried chicken.”

First came the slogan: “Of course you want to eat KFC at Christmas.” Later also said KFC grandpa Sanders on the principal like Santa Claus. In this way, many Japanese people gradually accept the saying!

The idea of Christmas = KFC is gradually fixed in Japanese society. It has to be said that this is a victory for Japanese advertising and marketing.

Spain Catalonia

Hide gifts under the “wooden man”

In the Spanish region of Catalonia, children’s Christmas presents are not delivered down the chimney by Santa Claus, but “pooped” through Caga Tió

Legend has it that if Catalan children take good care of it before Christmas (instructions: feed it and keep it from catching cold), the little piece of wood will “pooped” for them on Christmas Day

The small wooden toy is usually about 30 centimeters long, with a slender body supported by four “legs” and a small red hat on its head.

According to tradition, on December 8 each year, the parents would bring the wooden man home, and the children would leave some food for it at the end of each meal to “feed” it and cover it with a small red blanket to keep it warm.

This process of “raising” the wooden doll will continue until Christmas, and the child’s hard work on the wooden doll should be rewarded. So on Christmas Eve, parents would hide Christmas presents for their children under the wooden blanket.

The children took the wooden figure to the fireplace and pretended to threaten to throw it into the fire so that it could “expel” presents from its hollow wooden body. Because of this, wooden people also have a less elegant common name, called “pooping doll”.

Because real fireplaces are rarely used in European homes today, this part of the process is sometimes replaced by the beating of wooden heads with small sticks.


Hide the broom on Christmas Eve

Compared with the quiet Christmas of Ukrainians, Norwegians have a lively Christmas every year.

On Christmas Eve, they take the trouble to hide all their broomsticks, and many take out their shotguns and fire a few shots into the air as a warning, a pagan custom. There is an allusion to this: Local legend has it that witches and other demons haunt Christmas Eve, and the broom is the only thing witches need to walk around.

So, in order to keep witches and demons from finding tools to invade, the Norwegians used this unique way every year to get rid of the filth of the year.

South Wales, United Kingdom

Sing hymns like a dead horse

If the first two customs are with a bit of childlike fun, then the following activity may make children avoid. In South Wales, from Christmas to New Year’s Day, people dress up as Dead Horse Street parades.

The dead horse outfit consists of a hideous fake horse head mask, supporting wooden poles, and linen covering the player’s body. The procession ranges from a few to a dozen people, with one posing as a dead horse and the others as other religious figures. The parade would knock on doors along the road and chant at the gates.

Czech Republic

Throw high heels for a date

For the people of the Eastern European country of the Czech Republic, Christmas, a holiday itself inextricably linked with religion, is a good time to predict the future. Czech single girls use a high heel to predict their next year’s love luck.

On Christmas Day, young unmarried girls, surrounded by family and friends, stand facing the door and throw their high heels out the door. If the toe of the shoe points inside the door after landing, she will usher in her wedding in the next year. If, on the other hand, the toe points out the door, she’ll still be single come Christmas next year.

This slightly strange custom actually has historical roots. As an Eastern European country, the Czech Republic suffered heavy losses during World War II, with many men dying on the battlefield.

After the second world war, the high ratio of men to women in the Czech Republic was the reason for the rise of the prediction game.

Today, the shadow of the war is long gone, but the custom has been preserved. The custom of deciding marriage by throwing high heels may seem metaphysical, but it also represents the best wishes of Czech girls.


Roller skating in groups

In the tropical South American country of Venezuela, there is a very special activity on Christmas Day — roller skating. It has been popular in Venezuela for decades.

In the early morning of December 25, people have already put on ready roller skates, in groups from all sides of the church sliding, and then together into the church for Christmas Mass. Active children are the main force in the Christmas roller skating team.

Not wanting to miss the annual entertainment, children tie a string around their toes before going to bed on Christmas Eve. The other end of the rope is hung from the window, and when the roller skating army passes by, the parents pull on the rope, and the sleeping children rush to their feet and join the great procession.

In the Venezuelan capital city of Caracas, the government to ensure the safety of citizens, every Christmas morning before 8 a.m., the related roads are closed to allow roller skating teams to pass.

The reason for the popularity of this custom is hard to pin down, but many believe it has something to do with the European tradition of sledding at Christmas. Because of the hot climate in Venezuela, South America, people use roller skates instead of sledges.

After reading these Christmas customs, do you think it is very interesting. Do you know any special customs about Christmas?

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