2022 Doosansports Labor day Holiday Company Outdoor Team Building Activity

Our company arranged Outdoor team building activities yearly , aiming to group bonding and engagement exercises that take place outside. . The purpose of these outings is to get fresh air and sunshine while building camaraderie and trust with groups of teammates.

As 12 years teamwear factory , we hold company outdoors activity yearly to enrich our company employees life after busy working days . Treating company as a big family .

1—Outdoor number cycling games #1 to #10
Counting can be a wonderful outdoor group activity. Setting up 1-10 in a circle requires collaboration and action mutually one after another . After circles or several numbers , team member may fail following correctly ,then the wrongly counting member will be raised over by whole team till he says i will take care on next run .During this game , all members are exciting with laughing faces .

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